Saturday, March 11, 2017


I told you that I didn't forget about Bastion. See? Request things, and I shall review them! Granted it might take a month, but I'll do it!

A friend actually bought this game for me over a year ago. He told me that I was going to absolutely love it. And I really wish that he hadn't said that, because it set my expectations a bit too high. I never reached the moment where I loved this game, and that was disappointing. However, there was a lot that I really liked.

The artwork is absolutely lovely. Many of the menus and static images look as if they were hand-painted. The environments are colorful and easy to see. It's just simply a very pretty game to look at. It's also very pretty to listen to. Zia's song, in particular, is stunning. I want to buy it so that I can listen to it all of the time.

I also really enjoyed the narration. I appreciated how it changed based on what your character was doing. I felt like Rucks was judging me every time I fell off of the platforms, or every time I would just destroy everything in sight. It made the game feel real, like I was having an impact on how the story was told.

Maybe that's why I didn't like it when we were suddenly given two branching choices at the end of the game. Much like jumping, they were introduced late and suddenly, and I'm not sure how much they necessarily mattered. While I did like that the Ura eventually stop attacking you if you chose the save Zulf, these new mechanics made me think that maybe I wasn't at the end of the game after all.

This is a very quick game, one that you can easily do over the course of a free weekend. But it feels like the right length. Any longer, and the gameplay would have begun to feel repetitive. It already hovers close to that line as it is. First, you collect six Cores. Then you have to collect six Shards, that do essentially the same thing as Cores. And you kill a bunch of enemies along the way.

Thankfully, the combat is rather fun. You get a collection of varied weapons and attacks to use, each of which is suited for a particular enemy or style of play. But regardless of your choice of weapon, it game makes it clear that you are not a tank. The Kid is rather fragile, and you're forced to duck and dodge and defend if you want to have even the smallest hope of surviving. As someone who prefers to be hardy rather than quick, this took a little getting used to. But even then, I tended to rely more on health potions than on rolling out of the way.

Random Thoughts

I liked that all of your collected pets joined in to defend the Bastion from the Ura.

Man, the dreams and recollections from the Who Knows Where kicked my butt. I am not cut out for endless waves of enemies.

I kept expecting Rucks to turn evil or something. And for Zulf to actually be right.

You can't unlock everything on a single play through. But once you defeat the game, you can begin your next play through with all of your weapons and idols unlocked, and with all of the experience and fragments that you gained in your last game.

I didn't love this game. I didn't. But I did really like it. It was a fun, enjoyable nine or so hours.

8.3 out of 10

~An Honest Fangirl 

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